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Double HMA MTF for MT4

Double HMA MTF for MT4


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    Tags: HMA indicator, Commercial, Trend, multi-timeframe, MTF indicator, MT4

The "Double HMA MTF" indicator for Metatrader 4

This is an advanced multi-timeframe version of the popular Hull Moving Average (HMA).


  1. Graphical panel with HMA indicator data from all timeframes at the same time. If the HMA has switched its direction on any timeframe, a question mark or exclamation mark is displayed on the panel, accompanied by a text and audio message. The messages can be configured separately for each timeframe using the corresponding checkboxes.

  2. The indicator is located in a separate window, so as not to overload the main chart window. It combines HMA data from two timeframes on the same chart: the current TF and the higher TF, which is set in the parameters. The HMA of the higher timeframe determines the trend, and the HMA of the current timeframe determines the current short-term movements.

  3. The indicator splits signals of the higher TF on Possible and Final signals.
    • The possible signal is generated when the HMA color is switched and when the bar of the higher TF is not closed yet. The possible signal is displayed on the graphic panel with a question mark.
      It is risky to open a deal on this signal, because it can be canceled if the HMA color is restored before closing the higher TF bar. However, the possible signal allows you to open a trade at the best price.
      The possible signal can be switched off.
    • The final signal is generated by switching the color of the HMA of the higher TF and the bar of the higher TF has already closed. This signal is never redrawn.
      The final signal is displayed on the graphic panel with an exclamation mark.

  4. The signal arrows can be displayed both in the subwindow and in the main window. Information about the signal is displayed in the message box and duplicated by sound. It also supports sending email and push messages to mobile devices.

For easy visualization of the indicator’s job, use the free Double HMA MTF (Light version) indicator, which displays HMA data from the current TF and the higher TF in the main window of the chart.

How to use

Watch a video describing the operation of the indicator and recording of trades in real time.


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