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Candle Converter MT4

Candle Converter MT4


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    Tags: multi-timeframe, MT4, candlestick analysis, free

The "Candle Converter" indicator for Metatrader 4

The indicator draws candlesticks of a larger timeframe on the current chart (using quotes of the current TF).

  1. It can show candlesticks of non-standard timeframes: M45, H2 and H8.
  2. It also shows time before the end of the current candlesticks of the current TF and larger TF



The block of parameters of larger TF candlestick drawing

  • Period of high TimeFrame - larger timeframe period (select from M5 to Daily; Disable - do not draw candlesticks)
  • The number of days to draw candles of high TF - the number of days you want to draw candlesticks for
  • Color of bullish candles - the color of rising candlesticks
  • Color of bearish candles - the color of falling candlesticks

The block of parameters, which displays the time remaining before the completion of the candlesticks

  • Show the remaining time before the close of the candle - enable time display (Enable/Disable)
  • Text Size - font size
  • Text Color - font color
  • Text Y-indent - indent from the upper or lower chart border (depending on the next parameter)
  • Text Corner - chart corner where the text will be displayed
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