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Information Panel MT4

Information Panel MT4


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The "Information Panel" for Metatrader 4

The information panel displays important trading information on the chart.

Visual display of the information will help you to make a prompt and precise trading decision.

Screenshots depict information which I use in my trading system. But you can add any other desired information. 


Displayed information:

  1. Time till the end of the current candle and formation of a new one. Time set format: hh:mm, if there is at least one full hour, or mm:ss, if you have less than an hour.
  2. Distance covered by the price for this day, in points (% from an average day move).
  3. Distance covered by the price yesterday, in points (% from an average day move).
  4. Average day move, in points (number of days for calculation is specified in brackets).
  5. Current spread.


  1. You can select a sub-window of the chart to display the panel.
  2. If a distance passed by the price exceeds the preset percentage of the average day move, you can highlight it in a selected color.
  3. Display information in different languages (English and Russian are available for today).
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