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Trend Monitor MT4

Trend Monitor MT4

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    Tags: arrow indicator, MT4, Trend, Commercial

The "Trend Monitor" indicator for Metatrader 4

The indicator generates early signals based on the data of many indicators in combination with elements of price patterns.

Works on all symbols and timeframes.

The indicator does not redraw its signals. You see the same things on history and in real time.

The signal received as a result of the analysis of all built-in indicators is represented on the chart by arrows.


  1. The best results are obtained when the indicator works on two timeframes. For example: H1 - the indicator shows the main trend; M5 - the indicator generates signals of entry in trend direction determined on H1.
  2. If you are trading intraday, then it is recommended to use the indicator during session movements (Europe or America) to reduce the probability of falling into flat.
  3. Easy to use. Filter configuration only requires selection of sensitivity in the "Sensitivity of the indicator" input.
  4. The signal is given not only when the bar is closed (formed signal), but also on the current bar which is not closed yet (probable signal) - the "Enable the possible signal (on the current bar)" parameter.
  5. The indicator sends emails and push notifications to mobile devices.
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