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Pattern 1-2-3 MT4

Pattern 1-2-3 MT4

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    Tags: patterns, Commercial, breakdown strategy, Trend, MT4

The "Pattern 1-2-3" indicator for Metatrader 4

The indicator automatically recognizes and draws a Pattern 1-2-3 on the chart.

  1. The indicator is able to monitor the formation of pattern in real time. It informs the trader when the pattern is completely formed (when the price breaks or touches the line in point 2) and displays the completed patterns in history. The patterns are never redrawn.
  2. The indicator can identify patterns on any instruments (currency pairs, stock market, gold, etc.) without the need to adjust to each instrument.
  3. Simple and clear visualization of patterns. It is possible to display points 1,2,3 on a chart (option "Show points #1,2,3").
  4. The indicator determines the possible targets for triggering the pattern. The targets are calculates based on the Fibonacci levels or the Fibonacci extension (set by the "Method of calculating the Profit Levels" parameter). From one to five targets can be calculated. These targets have a description on the chart, which contains the Fibonacci number and the price level. In order to show them, enable the display of graphical objects descriptions (press the F8 key on the chart and select the "Show object descriptions" option).
  5. The indicator uses a custom proprietary non-redrawing ZigZag for determining patterns, therefore the indicator never repaints its signals.
  6. The indicator generates audio and text message when a pattern is formed. It features sending email messages and push notifications to mobile devices (the 'ON/OFF-Mail' and 'ON/OFF-Push' parameters).

Features of trading the 1-2-3 pattern

  1. The 123 pattern can indicate either a reversal or a trend.
  2. The 123 pattern is effective on any instruments and timeframes from M5 to MN.
  3. The greater the number of bars forming the pattern (from point 1 to point 3), the greater the price movement is predicted after breaking the pattern.
  4. If point 1 has a pin-bar (Hammer or Shooting Star in candlestick analysis), it strengthens the pattern.
  5. For Intraday trading, it is recommended to look for the pattern only on the European and American sessions.
  6. According to the trading system, a pattern is considered to be triggered when a bar breaks the line at the level of point #2. That is, the bar must close on the other side of the line, and not simply touch or pierce it. However, the indicator can also consider a simple touch of the line from point #2 as pattern triggering (parameter "Method for pattern triggering").


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I'm sorry, but the source file is not provided.
You can copy the purchased indicator to any folders and terminals. The main thing is the registration of all your brokerage accounts in the indicator (see FAQ)
Chris Parish (13.10.2018 18:55) Spam
If I buy this, can I get it in a .mql4 file so I can copy and paste it into various MT4 data folders? Thanks

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