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the "HMA Trend Pro" - new opportunities in trading


You can predict the probability of a trend reversal using the "HMA Trend Pro" indicator!

If you know the probability of the trend reversal, then you are one step ahead of the market!

The indicator examines the behavior of the HMA indicator on the entire history and estimates the probability of indicator reversal.

Any financial instrument (Forex, commodities, indices) is subject to the same statistical laws in the market. Trade in the market is a trade in probabilities.

If you know that the slow HMA is probable to change the movement direction, do not open a deal, since the old trend has already been exhausted, and the probability of reversal or correction is high.

If you see a possibility of the fast HMA switching in the near future, open a deal at the end of the retracement movement and close a profitable deal at the end of the impulse movement.

Watch a video describing the operation of the indicator and recording of trades in real time.

You can learn more and download the trial version of the indicator here.